Jørgen Angel's world renowned "Classic Rock" photos

In addition to the anniversary concert Gladsaxe is also hosting a "Classic Rock" photo exhibition with some of the many gorgeous photos that Jørgen Angel has taken of some of the world's biggest rock celebrities.

On the poster advertising the exhibition you see Freddie Mercury from Queen.

The day after the concert on 8 September 2008 Jørgen Angel is making a photo presentation at Gladsaxe Hovedbibliotek where he will give us a lot of the stories behind the photos and his meetings with the stars. We can promise you it will not be dull! (but unfortunately in Danish only).

A very energetic photo of Jimmy Page was chosen for the presentation poster.

See more of Jørgen's Classic Rock photos on www.angel.dk

Denmark celebrate the birth of Led Zeppelin 40 years ago

Gladsaxe Teen Clubs. In the late ’60s, it was THE place where young people met to groove to the sounds of rock and popular music groups. On September 7, 1968, The New Yardbirds debuted at Gladsaxe and went on to become the world famous super group, Led Zeppelin. 

Click to get a better view of the poster

To commemorate the upcoming 40th anniversary of this historic event, the popular Danish Zeppelin tribute band, “LZ Jam”, will perform at the same venue, exactly forty years to the day. 

Date: Sunday, September 7, 2008
Time: 20:00 PM (doors open at 19:00 PM).
Entrance fee: 178 dkk.
Place: Egegaard Primary School, Gladsaxe Møllevej 127, 2860 Søborg

Few musical events of this magnitude on the international stage have occurred in Denmark. But when The Yardbirds’ guitarist, Jimmy Page, brought bass player John Paul Jones, drummer John Bonham and vocalist Robert Plant to the Egegaard Primary School in Gladsaxe, the group’s first-ever public performance became one for the history books. As Led Zeppelin, the band would become one of the world’s greatest rock’n’roll super groups of all time.

Thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Gladsaxe Teen Club, a very special evening is planned to celebrate this important milestone in rock history. For the members of the committee who actually worked at the Teen Club forty years ago, it will be a chance to recreate the magic for their children, or even their grandchildren!

"Led Zeppelin Jam" is extremely popular in Denmark. They are an absolute favourite of the Danish Crown Prince Frederik and was invited to play at a gigantic concert "Rock 'n Royal" when the Crown Prince was married some years ago. Led Zeppelin Jam: Alex Nyborg Madsen (vocal) Ivan Horn (guitar), Henrik Tvede (guitar), Carsten Neumann (bas guitar), Lars Mitch Fischermann (drums) and Benjamin Fischermann (drums)

Popular Danish tribute band, “Led Zeppelin Jam”, will perform the music as true to the original songs as possible. Songs like Dazed and Confused, Whole Lotta Love and Stairway to Heaven will recapture the spirit of that first-ever performance. In those days, nothing stronger than a Jolly Cola was served. At the 40th Jubilee, patrons may enjoy a cold draught beer.

The Gladsaxe Teen Club disbanded 39 years ago. But for one magical night on September 7, 2008, Led Zeppelin’s songs will remain the same in celebration of the band’s 40 years.